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Ponds R Us: Professional Bespoke Pond & Lake Contruction
Ponds R Us: Professional Bespoke Pond & Lake Contruction
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U.V. Ozone completed with air pump

Ozone and UV-C kill Algae, viruses & bacteria.

The use of ozone is a natural process which is artificially imitated by the UV-C Redox unit.

The equipment consists of an air pump, a UV-C/ozone combination lamp and a static mixer.

The Air Pump carries air past the combination lamp which produces about 0.6g of ozone.

The loaded air is mixed with water in the static mixer where an oxidation process takes place. Once disinfection has taken place then the water mixed with ozone is carried past the combination lamp again but this time there is a quartz glass housing as a partition.

The water is exposed to UV-C radiation (25w UV-C output) so that 99.9% of all algae, bacteria and viruses are killed.

The UV-C radiation also completely breaks down any residual ozone. The equipment produces ozone which is 100% safe there is no ozone left in the water flowing out.

THe UV-C redox increases the capacity of the pond filter and then riches the pond water with oxygen thus creating a healthy environment for koi and plants.

0.6grm O3/Hr, static mixer, 75w UVC, Airpump complete on a base plate.

Suitable for ponds upto 11,000g