PondsRus were invited to tender for the re-instigation of a primary schools Young Explorer’s Pond . We put forward and presented our proposals and based on our design, safety system, and competitive quote we were awarded the tender.
Now the hard work begins!.
If your school has a pond project of any size please get in touch to discuss further on 07714707118 or email us at: [email protected]

Believe it or not there is a pond in there somewhere! So we got started to try and find it!
Very over grown and a 6" layer of root infested soil on top of old liners
So after a removal of over grown shrubs etc. and 6 layers of liner and underlay remove the base was finally exposed! Now the digging begins.
Concrete block retention wall and bottom drain installed. A lot of prep work went in but don't want to bore you with all my photos of the project.
Being an area accessible by primary school children safety was foremost on the priorities list, so installed was a Grid Safety System in order to prevent drowning should a child fall in.
..... after a lot of planning and hard work the team ended up with a lovely pond ready to mature of the coming months. Think you will agree a massive transformation!
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