PondsRus can provide maintenance services from a simple fix to a full pond service.
Please call us on 07714707118 or email us at: [email protected]

Not cleaned for couple of years!

In need of a full service! Neglected Pond
Deep Clean and filter service

Total water change and Dechlorinated Serviced Pond
Neglected Pond

Here we had a pond that had the water circulated or cleaned for years. So time for a 100k service! Neglected Pond
Full Service!

Filter and pump cleaned and serviced. Pond vac'd out. Client and fish all happy! Serviced Pond
As this pond was not stocked with fish, we were able to totally drain, carry out plant maintenance, and remove literally 4" of matted roots, soil and rubbish!
All wild life was safely removed to a temporary home.
Neglected Pond
With new filtration and pumps we now have a running waterfall and fountain and circulating the water to clear the left over sediment from the plantation stock. Leaking Waterfall