PondsRus to the Rescue.....

PondsRus can come to the resuce if you have issues with your pond or water feature. If you have a leak we can come and take a look and either repair or rebuild it.

Leaky Waterfalls


Here we had a leakey waterfall and upon deconstruction the reason why was obvious!

Way too much sand and not enough cement!

After it has been rebuilt

With an additional small rock pool added.

So the friendly little Robins can have a paddle.

Just needs a few months to let some algae grow

Ponds in need of help!


Due to cracking caused by Pine tree roots and then left to stagnate. Time to revive.

Some large cracks

Loads of dmagae to the side walls

Stage 1: All cleaned out and first level repairs completed

Stage 2: Final repair stage providing nice smooth top ready for liner

Cracks and and damage repaired

Stage 3: Underlay, Underlay, aribbbaaaa!

Stage 4: Now complete with liner, water, and a simple fountain.

Stage 5: Lastly slabs all concreted in and ready for top soil to be back filled by gardeners.

Top soil done just need to wait for the grass to grow.